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Whether you spend a lot of time on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook, or not – our lives often travel in parallel with social media.  It is human nature to show and share only our best and leave the broken parts of our lives and hearts “unpublished.”  But it is in our weakness that we appreciate God’s strength.  Without the cross, the story it tells and the righteousness it proclaims, all that’s left of a man is dead, selfish, self-centered and self-loving.  Crossmen Conference is a chance to be real with each other, to admit brokenness, and celebrate the forgiveness, strength, love and identity that are ours in Christ Jesus.  The world doesn’t need perfect men with perfect lives – there will always be enough more than willing to fake it.  The world, the church, our loved ones all need, and we need to know ourselves as – men + cross.

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Second Presenter – Nick Pappathopoulos

Primary caregiver to two toddlers – it’s a job to which I never imagined applying, probably still wouldn’t today, and yet I consider it my divine calling during this


Third Presenter – Mark Westendorf

"As Iron Sharpens Iron--God's Toolbox for Strengthening Christian Brothers" Mark Westendorf was born in Ohio but grew up in a parsonage in the inner city of Milwaukee.  After graduating from Northwestern


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  •  – great encouragement on how to live my life, how to prioritize, how to witness, carry cross, handle “hitting a brick wall.”
  • – helped me  face / accept my past mistakes and know that I’m just like everyone else.
  • – I valued the opportunity to gather with men to hear stories of other men who are broken, and to watch the men in the crowd become emotional.  It was moving!
  • TOO MUCH food 🙂
  • encouragement to boast in our weakness & God’s strength
  • Invite MORE congregations, please!
  • Please pass on the info to area churches to get this back next year in this area.  Thank You Well Done
  • I needed the plain and simple gather of Christian men.  Doesn’t happen in my life often.

Event Speakers

Isaiah Horn

Mark Westendorf

Nick Pappathopoulos

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